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MARC (Thailand) Co. Ltd., is a subsidiary of SWTS Pte Ltd (, formerly known as Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services Pte Ltd and a company of Pon Group of Netherlands (

The company provides multi-disciplinary engineering services to industrial, utility, public and energy sectors, offering integrated and comprehensive electrical and mechanical services for both in-shop and on-site needs.

Ever since its inception in 2001, growth from diversified industries has led the company to become one of the leader in providing the engineering services and industrial solutions. In November 2007, the company became first ever IEC Ex certified service company in the world.  We not only provide electrical and mechanical Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) services of rotating machines to distribution sub-station equipment, but we can also redesign the equipments as per desired specifications. Our skilled capabilities and wide range of experience have made us the preferred choice of major OEMs as their approved service agent. 

We repair AC and DC motors and generators of all voltages and sizes, locomotive traction motors, low and high voltage transformers, lifting magnets etc. We also supply motor and generator parts such as slip rings, commutators, carbon  brushes,  brush holders, cooling fans, shafts, winding temperature sensors, etc.

Our field testing services will benefit you by verifying the condition of electrical equipments and ensuring the integrity of electrical protective devices including providing accurate and professional engineering reports.

We offer the capabilities to service your mechanical equipments i.e. engines, gearboxes, pumps, propellers including the repair of electronic, hydraulic and mechanical governors of all makes.

MARC  has specialized processes to harness the intended utilization of mechanical components. Our coating applications  add value and create cost effective solutions through these upgrading and life extension capabilities. We do not just repair the equipments but transform them to new like.

A Transformation in True Sense